Instant Hotel Australia 2019 Contestant’s Sharon and Gene Salvestrin

Sharon and Gene - Instant Hotel contestants

Instant Hotel Australia is about to go live tonight. The hard work behind the scenes is about to come to fruition as the show officially goes to air on Monday 11th February at 9pm.

What is Instant Hotel?

Instant Hotel is an Australian reality television series which began airing on the Channel 7 network on 7 November 2017. Instant Hotel is produced by the creators of Seven reality shows My Kitchen Rules and House Rules and is hosted by Luke Jacobz.

Channel 7 put it like this “…Get set to journey across Australia on a holiday like no other because there are no hotels and motels – only Aussies turning their homes into Instant Hotels.”

You will quite literally follow four Australian homeowners who have transformed their homes into hotels. Furthermore, they will need to individually judge each other’s hotels to see who receives the highest scores to win the 2019 Instant Hotel series.  

How can I watch Instant hotel?

It will be on Channel 7 on Monday evenings at 9pm, so make sure you follow The Misty Mountains Rainforest Retreat facebook Page to see all the latest Instant Hotel updates & for information on how to book your next stay at The Misty Mountains.

What happens if I miss an episode of Instant Hotel?

Don’t worry you won’t have to miss out… You can download and watch all episodes on 7 plus.

What made Sharon and Gene Salvestrin want to be contestants on Instant Hotel?

Gene and Sharon Salvestrin wanted to show the world Australia’s best kept secret, a truly unique location where the Great Barrier Reef meets The Misty Mountains Ancient Rainforest.

Sharon said their eldest daughter actually entered them into the contest and thought they would be perfect for this show and she was right!

How did Instant Hotel select your property?

Sharon and Gene said, “There was an extensive casting process against thousands of other locations and applicants. But their Instant Hotel, The Misty Mountains was chosen to participate because of how unique and truly amazing the location is. 

How were Sharon and Gene feeling prior to Instant Hotel going live on Channel 7?

They said, “We are feeling very excited about the show going to air this evening, we are very confident that Australia will love our unique ancient rainforest retreat located in Tropical North QLD.

Their point of difference is 100% privacy, guests can experience The Great Barrier Reef, The Misty Mountains Ancient Rainforest, Incredible waterfalls and hiking trails, so they too can experience living in a true secluded and private paradise.

Who is Gene King and his Queen Sharon?  

King Gene and Queen Sharon are a couple who have been together for 21 years, working side by side. Now contestants on Instant Hotel, so get ready to be truly blown away by The Misty Mountains. Their slogan is “we go the extra mile to make you smile”

Tune in this evening to watch the Instant Hotel go to air on Channel 7 at 9 pm.