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The GRAND FINALE, here we go!  This week on Channel 7’s Instant hotel we went back to visit our Nature’s Wonderland ‘The Misty Mountains Homestead’ with over 200 acres of Ancient Rainforest located in tropical North Queensland. In a place called Bellenden Ker, Australia only an hour scenic drive south from Cairns International Airport. We still had positive energy leading into this week as Gene always says, “Forget the rest, we will be the
Instant Hotel - Gene and Sharon.
Fifth episode, here we go! Armed with a cash injection, we had to judge as a jury instead of individually, plus the expert appraisals.  This week on Channel 7’s Instant hotel we went back and visited the ‘Sunny Coast Penthouse Pad’ – a beautiful apartment located in BUDDINA, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Debbie: “I’ve put a lot of heart into this place” Although this was true… Gene said, “Forget the rest, we
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“Finally we’re here in tropical North Queensland” – episode 4 of Instant Hotel 2019 is officially live! This week on Channel 7’s Instant Hotel all the contestants visited our Instant Hotel, a rainforest hideaway located in Bellenden Ker, Queensland, Australia. Just a 1 hour scenic drive from Cairns International Airport. “Welcome to drastic world!” #InstantHotelAU Experience Gene & Sharon's fairytale escape 🌴☀️#InstantHotelAU Tonight 9pm on Channel 7 | 由 Instant Hotel
Instant Hotel - Sharon and Gene - Winery
Buckle up it’s the third episode of Instant Hotel 2019. This week on Channel 7’s Instant hotel we visited the ‘Seaside Escape’ – a charming, colourful beach shack located in PORTSEA, Victoria, Australia. Jay & Leah, newly dating couple, created their Instant Hotel from Jay’s family beach-side house that he grew up in. They told us it represented the true Australian family dream, that was only a hop, skip and a jump from the beach. ​ We were excited to compare